All distances start on the beach near the Hotel Pałac (ul. Drzymały 4, 64-200 Wolsztyn).
Having finished the swim leg on the mole, athletes go approx. 250m to the transition on the city square. From there they ride via Ulica Poznańska outbound to the roundabout "Rondo Solidarności" to the bike course.

You are allowed to mount your bike at the junction Rynek/Ulica Poznańska marked by an inflatable arch and bump.
Attention: Pulling into the bike course road traffic regulations apply!

The bike leg leads from the roundabout "Rondo Solidarności" (turning point) via the "Rondo Armii Krajowej" turning left onto the federal road 305, through Błońsko (Attention: trailmarker kilometre 22.4 is the turning point for short distance athletes only!) and Kuźnica Zbąska to "Leśniczówka Aleksandrów" (trailmarker kilometre 17.5, turning point for long and middle distance).
The elevation difference per lap is 32m on the short, and 41m on the long round.
You are exiting the bike course turning right at "Rondo Solidarności" back to the transition.
Every athlete has to do the right number of loops autonomously.

Run: Starting the run leg, participants go to the mole and turn right to the stadium OSiR. The run course is set up as a bidirectional track: stadium - mole - Hotel Pałac - turning point Ulica Parkowa.
The elevation difference per lap (5.2km) is 17m.

The finishline is in the city park next to the scene (race office).

Participants have to count the number of laps during the run leg themselves.

Number of laps

​How many laps do I have to cycle and run, respectively?