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PolskaMan Triathlon Wolsztyn 2022 - Relays

In 2022 you will be able to compete in PolskaMan Triathlon as relay teams on the short distance (51.5) and challenge yourself in the supreme discipline of endurance sports.

The general rules for individual starters apply (

Starter packages for relay teams may be collected by the team captain alone or by all team members together.
Relay team starter packages will not be handed out for each relay team starter separately!
In the case of collection by the team leader alone, absent team members shall fill in the confirmation and authorisation and enclose a copy/scan/photo of their identity card.

Relay teams will start together with individual starters.

Timing-chips will be handed over in the transition zone.


Relay teams
• PLN 475,- until 31/10/2021
• PLN 525,- until 31/12/2021
• PLN 600,- until 28/02/2022
• PLN 675,- until 31/07/2022

• EUR 110,- until 31/10/2021
• EUR 130,- until 31/12/2021
• EUR 145,- until 28/02/2022
• EUR 160,- until 31/07/2022

Note: Registration fees are non-refundable! Registration fees paid in too late and possible transfer fees will be reinvoiced and charged.
The date of receipt in the organizer´s bank account is considered as the date of payment.


• Invoices will be issued only to the buyer as filled in in the order form of Przelewy24 ("client data") within 14 days after payment as .pdf-files. Mind: A later change of invoice details is not possible. Please send your request to

Online-payment in Złoty via Przelewy24 (one-click-buy, credit card option) (link below)

• By paying the starting fee to buy a starter package you enter into a distance selling contract in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of May 30th, 2014 (Dz.U.2014.827(U)).
Conformable to art. 38 pt. 12 Consumer Protection Act the participant signing up at and buying a starter package is not entitled to withdraw from the contract.
• Complaint processing:
The following conditions shall apply to all starter packages purchased.
There is no right of exchange or refund of starter packages bought. In the case of damage, loss or theft the participant shall contact the organiser. All questions related may be sent via mail or in writing to ROBUSTUS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Nowe Tłoki 10f, 64-200 Wolsztyn.
• Using online-payment via Przelewy24 a commission of 1.8% is charged.

Relay PolskaMan Triathlon 51.5

or bank transfer in Euro to the following account:

IBAN: AT85 1420 0200 1078 7816
Account holder: Mag. Peter Nonn
Purpose: PolskaMan, relay name

• For registration fees paid in late (after 31/07/2020) and on-the-spot entries an additional fee of EUR 12,-/PLN 50,- is charged.
• For late entries the organizer does not guarantee full starter and finisher packages, respectively.

Personal collection of the race bags for relay starters is possible on 20/08/2022, 10.00-20.00h, as well as on 21/08/2022 from 06.30-13.00h in the race office.


Relays male (consisting of 3 men)
Relays female (consisting of 3 women)


Every relay team member receives a complete starter and finisher package.

Cups for 1st – 3rd place of all categories

Prices (cash prizes, material prizes, cups) can be collected exclusively PERSONALLY during the award ceremony.