PolskaMan Triathlon Wolsztyn 2022

In the whole text the masculine form is used for persons of both genders.


​• International full distance triathlon (3.8/180/42.195) (in the following referred to as “full distance” or “226“)
• International half distance triathlon (1.9/90/21.1) (in the following referred to as “half distance” or “113“)
• International short distance triathlon (1.5/40/10) (in the following referred to as “short distance” or “51.5“)
• Possibility to take part as relay teams on the short distance (complementary regulations for relay teams
• All competitions take place on 21/08/2022.
• Start, finish and race office are situated in the City Park, ul. Drzymały 4, 64-200 Wolsztyn/Poland.


​ROBUSTUS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
Nowe Tłoki 10f
64-200 Wolsztyn


​The Mayor of Wolsztyn


You find the race office in the city park near the Hotel Pałac, ul. Drzymały 4, 64-200 Wolsztyn/Poland.


​• The competition is open to all persons aged 18 years and older on 20/08/2022. Every athlete himself is responsible for competing in a healthy and physically well-trained condition only.
• As an exception youths over 16 with a letter of agreement from their parents may take part in the 51.5 competition.
• Taking part in the event we are sportsmen, and we are fair! With his signature the participant confirms that he is taking part in the competition at his own risk and responsibility. The participant accepts the competition rules of the ITU (International Triathlon Union) and the rules and regulations of the PZTri (Polish Triathlon Association) of the venue in their current legal form and in this order: World_Triathlon_Sport_Competition_Rules_2020_201811253.pdf and
• In addition a Race Manual containing all necessary information will be available as a .pdf-file on our website not later than two weeks before the event. Reading the Race Manual as well as participation in the race briefing is mandatory.
• All distances are carried out as draft-illegal competitions.
• The bike course is closed to traffic. However in spite of all precautions counteracting of individual people cannot be completely precluded. Therefore caution is advised for participants.
• Road Traffic Regulations apply.
• The run course is not closed to the general public.
• In the case of technical problems on the bike course the athlete has to clear the road not to constrain or endanger other competitors.
• Participation in the race briefing (will also be held in English) is mandatory and will be verified. Protests and appeals, which result from not attending the race briefing or lack of knowledge of Rules and Regulations or Conditions for Participation will generally be rejected.


​All participants are responsible for their own safety and hereby assert that they are covered by an adequate statutory third party liability insurance against personal injuries and damage to property issued by an insurance institution authorised in Poland as well as by health insurance. Under no circumstances shall the organizers, providers, or sponsors be liable for any injuries or damages suffered or caused by the participant. Participants give their express consent that they assume all risks arising out of or in any way connected with taking part in this event and will not make any claims against persons, institutions, or companies that carry out or have carried out this event.


​Participants who decide to resign from the race for whatever reasons shall immediately inform the organizer (control points, race marshals, or race office) and give back the transponder (timing-chip) at the race office.
Participants shall be liable for any costs the organiser incurs for them not resigning from the race according to the rules (e.g. search operations, replacement of transponder etc.).

TIME LIMITS (cut-off)

​Full distance:
– swim leg max. 2.5h
– bike leg max. 8h
– total race max. 17h

Half distance:
– swim leg max. 1.5h
– bike leg max. 3.5h
– total race max. 8h

Short distance:
– swim leg max. 1h
– bike leg max. 2h
– total race max. 4.5h

Athletes not reaching the specified cut-off times will be automatically rejected (DNF).


​F,M 16-17 (only 51.5 and 25.75); 18-29; F,M 30-39; F,M 40-49; F,M 50-59; F,M 60+ (F…female, M…male)


​• After filling in the registration form the participant is put on the participant list, after having paid the registration fee, he is marked as paid. Registration without paying the starting fee does not guarantee your starting place.
Decisive for the date of registration is the registration fee´s receipt in the organizer´s bank account. Any transaction fees have to be covered by the originator (OUR-transfer).
• The number of participants is limited to 400 individual starters and 100 relay teams for all competitions together.
• Unless the limit of participants is exceeded earlier, registration ends on 31/07/2022.
• For late entries and registration fees paid in late (after 31/07/2022), respectively, an additional fee of EUR 12,-/PLN 50,- is charged.
• For late entries the organizer does not guarantee full starter and finisher packages, respectively.
• Transfers of starting places and distance changes (e.g. changing from half to full distance) are possible until the end of the registration period (31/07/2022) for a processing fee of EUR 12,-/PLN 50,- (and additional payment for the longer distance according to the then actual price scale).
All requests for transfers and changes ought to be sent exclusively by email to


​Short/Half/Full distance

• EUR 50,-/75,-/100,- until 31/10/2021
• EUR 55,-/80,-/110,- until 31/12/2021
• EUR 60,-/100,-/130,- until 28/02/2022
• EUR 70,-/110,-/140,- until 30/04/2022
• EUR 80,-/135,-/180,- until 30/06/2022
• EUR 95,-/150,-/195,- until 31/07/2022

Note: Registration fees are non-refundable! Registration fees paid in too late and possible transfer fees will be reinvoiced and charged.
The date of receipt in the organizer´s bank account is considered as the date of payment.


• Invoices will be issued only to the buyer as filled in in the order form of Przelewy24 ("client data") within 14 days after payment as .pdf-files. Mind: A later change of invoice details is not possible. Please send your request to

Online-payment in Złoty via Przelewy24 (one-click-buy, credit card option) (links below)

• By paying the starting fee to buy a starter package you enter into a distance selling contract in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of May 30th, 2014 (Dz.U.2014.827(U)).
Conformable to art. 38 pt. 12 Consumer Protection Act the participant signing up at and buying a starter package is not entitled to withdraw from the contract.
• Complaint processing:
The following conditions shall apply to all starter packages purchased.
There is no right of exchange or refund of starter packages bought. In the case of damage, loss or theft the participant shall contact the organiser. All questions related may be sent via mail or in writing to ROBUSTUS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Nowe Tłoki 10f, 64-200 Wolsztyn.
• Using online-payment via Przelewy24 a commission of 1.8% is charged.

  • PolskaMan Triathlon 51.5
  • PolskaMan Triathlon 113
  • ​PolskaMan Triathlon 226
  • Change

or bank transfer in Euro to the following account:

IBAN: AT85 1420 0200 1078 7816
Account holder: Mag. Peter Nonn
Purpose: PolskaMan, Name & Distance

Personal collection of the race bags for full distance starters is only possible on 20/08/2022, 10.00-20.00h, at the race office. Short and half distance starters may also collect their race bags on 20/08/2022 from 06.30-13.00h.


​Every participant receives a starter package, every finisher who finishes according to the rules (not disqualified) obtains a medal.

​Full distance
Cash prizes for the day´s best times (1st-3rd place) in the overall ranking female and male together:
1st place PLN 4.000,-
2nd place PLN 2.000,-
3rd place PLN 1.000,-
Special award for the fastest lady finishing in less than 11 hours PLN 2000,-.
• Female overall 1st-3rd place
• Male overall 1st-3rd place
• In age groups 1st-3rd place
Cups in overall and age group qualification do not cumulate (no double decoration).

​Half distance
Cash prizes for the day´s best times (1st-3rd place) in the overall ranking female and male together:
1st place PLN 2.000,-
2nd place PLN 1.000,-
3rd place PLN 500,-
Special award for the fastest lady finishing in less than 5 hours PLN 1.000,-.
• Female overall 1st-3rd place
• Male overall 1st-3rd place
• In age groups 1st-3rd place
Cups in overall and age group qualification do not cumulate (no double decoration).

​Short distance
Cash prizes for the day´s best times (1st-3rd place) in the overall ranking female and male together:
1st place PLN 1.000,-
2nd place PLN 500,-
3rd place PLN 250,-
Special award for the fastest lady finishing in less than 2:30 hours PLN 500,-.
• Female overall 1st-3rd place
• Male overall 1st-3rd place
• In age groups 1st-3rd place
Cups in overall and age group qualification do not cumulate (no double decoration).


​• Official race results will be published placing a link on the organizer´s website.
• The competition will be carried out not regarding weather conditions.
• In case of force majeure the organizer reserves the right to shorten or alter the race course, postpone the start or entirely cancel the race. Force majeure is deemed to be any sudden external event, which cannot be prevented, notably: thunderstorms, floods, exceptional circumstances, unrest, war, acts of terrorism, strikes, bathing prohibition due to water quality, amendments of law or administrative decisions preventing the organizer from organizing the competition. In the event of aforementioned incidents neither registration fees nor any other costs incurred by the participant will be refunded.
• Every athlete himself is responsible for counting the laps he has to do on the swimming, cycling and running course. Neither organizer nor volunteers or supporters are going to give any kind of information on how many laps he has left to do! The organizer does not give athletes any information on their lead or lag during the race.
• In the finishing area participants will find special catering and refreshment.
• The organizer ensures medical support at any time during the race.
• All disputes arising during the competition shall be settled by the Competition Jury. Protests and appeals against disqualifications and penalties shall be filed in written form only to the chief referee no longer than 30 minutes after finishing the race. Appeals have to be signed by the appellant and will be accompanied by a fee of PLN 175,-, which will be refunded, if the appeal is successful. If the appeal is denied, there will be no refund, and the money will be retained by the organizer.
• Prices (cash prizes, material prizes, cups) can be collected exclusively PERSONALLY during the award ceremony.
• Cash prizes up to PLN 700,- are exempted from tax, for cash prizes higher than this amount 10% tax will be deducted.
• The organizer reserves the right to reject registrations without giving reasons.
• The organizer reserves the right to alter the rules and regulations concerning the race proceedings at any given time.
• The interpretation of the rules and regulations falls to the organizer.


​• Participants´ personal data will only be used for organising and advertising events of PolskaMan RaceSeries.
• Participants´ personal data are proceeded and used according to the governing law. Administrator of the personal data is the organizer.
• Participants are entitled to inspect their personal data filed and to have it revised. Submission of personal data and consent to its use by the organizer are voluntary but indispensable (condition precedent) for attending the event.
• Participants´ personal data will be remitted to the timekeeping company to carry out timekeeping and directly inform participants about their startnumber and finishing time.
• Filling in the registration form participants
– confirm that the information provided is true and accurate,
– consent to the use of photos, films and interviews with him,
– grant the organizer the right to use such recordings for his as well as sponsor´s marketing purposes and
– agree to the publication of race results including personal data via press, radio, televison and other media.
• Without the organizer´s prior written permission the commercial distribution as well as any other commercial use of photos, films, interviews and other media products generated during the event is prohibited.